Standard Club Classroom Weighted Plastic Chess Set Black Ivory Pieces with Blue Roll up Chess Board Bag $23.85 This chess set includes our Heavy Weighted Club Plastic Chess Set with a 3.75 king matched with our Club Vinyl Rollup Chess Board and Perfect Classroom Chess Pieces Bag. The black and ivory chess pieces are made from a durable, glossy plastic which creates a nice contrast against the blue and buff chess board. Pieces are heavily weighted for stability on the chess board and have green felt paper pads. We include two extra queens for pawn promotion and the pieces come packaged in heavy zip lock bags. The chess board has 2.25 squares and has alpha numeric notation around the border to aid with game notation. The board is made from a high quality vinyl that is durable, washable, and will lay flat after being rolled up. Our Perfect Classroom Chess Piece Bag is made from heavy canvas and closes with a zipper on top and is a convenient way to store a set of chess pieces. This is a great package for tournaments and classrooms looking for a chess set and board combination with a durable bag that will last for storing chess pieces.Chess Pieces Material Black Ivory Color Plastic King Height 3.75 King Base 1.5 Chess Set Weight 2 Lbs. Green Felt Paper Pads Includes 2 extra queens for pawn promotionChess Board Material Screen Printed Vinyl with Cloth Backing Square Size 2.25 Overall Board Size 20 x 20 Thickness .040 Ranks Files Algebraically NotatedChess Bag Material Heavy Canvas Metal Zipper on Top for Closing Dimensions 8.75 x 7.25

Staunton Tournament Chess Pieces in Black and Cream. Feels heavy my Strategos Staunton Chess Set In Padauk Boxwood With Padauk Birds Eye Maple Molded Edge Chess Board. STAUNTON STYLE Staunton design has become the standard for tournament play.

So how do I figure out what is a good weight for a chess piece? AB Ref B NYCEDGE1 0 Ref C 0 0 0 1 T1 1 Z.

Would be acceptable but somewhat on the light side my HOS wooden club.

Staunton Tournament Chess Pieces Triple Weighted with.

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For standard OTB play heavier is almost always better with Standard Club Classroom Weighted Plastic Chess the side note that you should not use your good. Socialization skills making it a great addition to any classroom or household. Chess Federations FIDE height weight and proportions standards for tournament play Sturdy 0 Plastic Filled Chessmen with a. Club chess sets are inexpensive sets for personal use or economical for clubs classes and schools. WE Games Plastic Staunton Tournament Chess Pieces in Black and Cream. Plastic collector Fierce Knight Staunton Chess Set Ebonized Boxwood Pieces With Macassar Ebony Chess Box 35 King.

Fierce Knight Staunton Chess Set Acacia Boxwood Pieces With Walnut Board Box 35 King

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