Master Series Classroom Weighted Plastic Chess Set Black Ivory Pieces with Blue Roll up Board Bag $19.90 This package includes our weighted Master Series tournament size plastic chess set matched with our Club Vinyl Rollup Chess Board and canvas chess piece bag. Our Master Series is a traditional Staunton chess set featuring unique and finely detailed knights that you will not find on any other chessmen in this price range. The king is 3.75 tall and has a base diameter of 1.5 which is an ideal size for tournament play or the casual game at home. The pieces are weighted making for greater stability on the chess board with the full set weighing 28 ounces. Two extra queens for pawn promotion are included. The chess board is made from a soft, pliable vinyl with a cloth backing and algebraic notation around the border. It's easy to clean and flattens out nicely. The zippered tote bag is a practical way to store the pieces when you're not using them. The heavy canvas material is durable, washable, and will last for years. This combination is the perfect choice for schools, clubs, and tournaments looking for the very best value in a chess set and board.Chess Pieces Material Plastic, Steel Weights King Height 3.75 King Base 1.5 Chess Set Weight 28 oz. Green Felt Paper Pads Includes 2 spare queens for pawn promotionChess Board Material Screen Printed Vinyl with Cloth Backing Square Size 2.25 Overall Board Size 20 x 20 Thickness .040 Ranks Files Algebraically NotatedChess Bag Material Heavy Canvas Metal Zipper Dimensions 8.5 x 7.25 Intended for holding chess pieces only

The other pieces are traditional Staunton and heavily weighted with an extra wide base.

Master Series Classroom Chess Set Package Black Tan Pieces Green Master. Our exclusive ProTourney plastic chess set with its beautifully detailed knight is our all time. It is massive heavy elegant and high class. The solid plastic club special chess pieces most often used for club classroom and competition.

Master Series Plastic Chess Set with a FREE.

Shop now at one of the largest suppliers of chess sets chess pieces chess boards other supplies. Chess House sells quality plastic chess pieces weighted chess sets for kids.

It includes our single weighted Value Club Plastic Chess Set in Black. Heavily Weighted for Increased Stability. For schools chess clubs and tournament play as they EXCEED all US Chess Federation Tourn.

The Series Plastic Chessmen. Our Guardian plastic chess set is distinguished by its unique robot looking. Series Chess Pieces Piece Chess House. Is the quintessential Staunton Pattern Chess set the physical embodiment of the classical design and.

Quadruple Weight Tournament Chess Game Master Series Classroom Weighted Plastic Chess Set Chess Board Game with Staunton Chess. We offer great discounts free shipping. Ref A FCE E AC FBD0F Ref B NYCEDGE1 1 Ref C 0 0 0 0 0 T0 01 01Z British Staunton Chess Set Ebonized Boxwood Pieces With Classic Walnut Chess Board 35 King. Master Series Classroom Chess Set Package Black Pieces Black. For tournaments and classrooms looking for a tournament size chess set and. The Master Series Plastic were designed specifically to offer an attractive set of Chessmen that can.

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