Giants Battle Theme Chess Set Antiqued Blue Copper Copper Pieces Blue Board $329.00 This complete chess set package from Manopoulos includes their Giants Battle chess set, brass chess board, and an attractive wood case that holds the chess pieces and board. This chess set and piece are based on the last battle of Zeus in which he established his dominion in Olympus. Zeus is the king, Athena the queen, Aris the bishop, Centaur the knight, and the giants are the pawns. A column from an ancient Greek building is the rook. The dark squares on the chess board are painted in a multi color blue enamel and the entire board is lacquered to prevent tarnishing. A felt lined plastic tray inside the case has individual compartments for storing chess pieces while the chess board nests one top. A gorgeous chess set that will look beautiful in your home or office!Chess Set Material Solid Cast Zinc Finish Copper Plated with Faux Blue Oxidized Finish lacquered coated to prevent tarnishing King Height 2.25 5.8cm King Base .875 Chess Set Weight 44 oz. Replacement order card is provided in case chess pieces are ever lost.Chess Board Chess Board Material Brass Wood Finish Brass and Blue Iridescent Painted Squares lacquered to prevent tarnishing Square Size 1.375 Overall Dimensions 14.25 x 14.25 x 1.25 tall

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Eugen podoleanANTIQUE CHESS SETS. Battle Of TannenbergWhiskey. JAPANESE SAMURAI WARRIOR chess set 1 CASTLE FORTRESS Board.

Finding travel chess sets with vintage. 1 Inch Giant Plastic Chess Set with a Quick Fold Nylon Board. Chess Board Giant Size King. The Battle of Grunwald led to a redistribution of the balance of power in Eastern Europe. Handmade custom themed chess sets on etsy by Arnolds Chess Sets Deluxe Chess Backgammon Case With Lift Top Board 175. MEDIEVAL King Giants Battle Theme Chess Set Antiqued Chess Set antiqued. Chess Board Alabaster Set Ancient Greece Themed Chessboard A great. Particularly Antique and Medieval Sets. Bello Games CollezioniAmerican Civil War Luxury Chessmen from Italy Greenwich Street Chess Board Giant Size King.

World War Two Harbor United States vs Japan Chess Board Set.

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