German Knight Staunton Chess Set with Golden Rosewood Boxwood Pieces 275 King $39.99 If you are looking for an outstanding value, low priced, high quality Staunton wood chess set look no further because you found it. Simple is often best and our German Knight Staunton Chess Set with its simple and attractive design is the ideal set for your everyday chess game. Unencumbered by fine detail, these chess pieces will stand up to the rigor of regular play. This chess set features a 2.75 tall king with a base diameter of 1.125, an ideal size for casual games at home. Pieces have thick green baize pads for a soft feel on the chess board and are nicely weighted for stability. The golden rosewood has rich golden brown colors and a beautiful grain while the cream colored natural boxwood is the perfect wood for the white chess pieces. The pieces are individually hand polished and lacquered to a beautiful shine. More chess games have been played with a German Knight than any other chess set in the world and it continues to be our number one selling chess set. Golden Rosewood Boxwood Pieces individually hand polished with solid lacquer buffing wheel King Height 2.75 King Base 1.125 King Weight 1.5 oz. Chess Set Weight 24 oz. Green Baize Pads Recommended Chess Board Size 1.5 1.75 Squares chess board not included

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