German Knight Staunton Chess Set Acacia Boxwood Pieces with Molded Walnut Chess Board 375 King $149.00 This chess set package includes our German Staunton Chess Set in acacia and boxwood matched with our Standard Walnut and Maple Chess Board. Sometimes simple is best and that's true of our German Knight Staunton chess set with its simple but attractive design. Unencumbered by fine detail, the pieces will stand up to the rigor of everyday play and it's an especially good chess set for blitz. Pieces have green billiard cloth pads for a soft feel on the chess board and are weighted for stability. The golden rosewood and boxwood are hand polished to a beautiful sheen. More chess games have been played with a German Knight than any other chess set in the world and it continues to be our most popular chess set.The rich brown color of the Walnut and Maple Molded Edge Chess Board is perfect for matching with the golden brown color of the acacia wood and cream colored boxwood pieces. This is an inlaid chess board made from the finest walnut and maple veneer and sealed with a semi gloss polyurethane finish to protect the wood. The precision of the inlay work is remarkable. The chess board has 2 squares accentuated by a beautiful sycamore delimiter and surrounded by an extra wide frame with a black molded edge. The overall size of the board is 19.5 and is .5 thick. Whether a collector or you are looking for one special chess set to display in your home, the German Knight Staunton will enhance every game you play.Chess Pieces Acacia Boxwood Chess Pieces Finish Pieces individually hand polished with solid lacquer and buffing wheel King Height 3.75 King Base 1.375 King Weight 2.5 oz. Chess Set Weight 40 oz. 2 spare queens are included for pawn promotion Green Baize Cloth PadsChess Board MaterialWalnut Maple Veneer over Wood Composites Finish Satin Polyurethane Square Size 2 Overall Dimensions 18 x 18 x .5

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Knight pieces acacia are made in the popular Staunton chess style Hercules Theme Set Antiqued Blue Copper Copper Pieces Brown. The size of Staunton correspond to our Staunton No. Fierce Knight Staunton Chess. The Chess Store.

Set of Knight chess pieces with lovely folding inlaid wooden case. Rook height. Federation. Shop for the Tournament Series Staunton Chess Pieces with Knight made from Sheesham Box Wood with. French Lardy Staunton Chess Set Acacia and Boxwood Pieces.

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Our Staunton pieces and chess boards meet the requirements of FIDE World Chess Romans Theme Chess Set Silver Pawn. Size Championship Weighted Chess Pieces Set with Knight in Sheesham.

Acacia set chess pieces are in accordance with the rules of chess the only type of chess pieces which can be used. 10 01 Knight Staunton Chess Set Ebonized Boxwood Boxwood Pieces.

Stallion Knight Acacia Boxwood chess pieces. Retail Package consists of.

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