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Fierce Knight Staunton Chess Set in Rosewood Boxwood with Rosewood Maple Deluxe Chess Board 35 King $299.00 This chess set package includes our Fierce Knight Staunton Chess Set in rosewood and boxwood matched with our Rosewood and Maple Deluxe Chess Board with Molded Edge. As you can see from our photo, the chess pieces and board match perfectly and look beautiful together. Our Fierce Knight is the perfect chess set for two good friends enjoying a fiercely competitive game of chess. The knights are hand carved with meticulous precision and with features such as the perked ears, eyes, and mane that gives this chess set its name. From the elegant profile carefully turned into each chess piece to the rich burgundy and orange colors of the rosewood, the quality and craftsmanship of our premium chess sets stand out from the rest.Chess Pieces Rosewood Boxwood Pieces individually hand polished with solid lacquer and buffing wheel King Height 3.5 King Base 1.5 King Weight 2.3 oz. Chess Set Weight 44 oz. 2 spare queens are included for pawn promotion Green Billiard Cloth PadsChess Board Material Rosewood Maple Veneer Wood Materials Finish Satin Polyurethane soft sheen Square Size 2 actual 50mm Dimensions 19.5 x 19.5 x .5 Imported from Spain, Rechapados Ferrer is the largest manufacturer and the most recognized name of high quality wood chess boards in the world.

Review of Fierce Knight in Rosewood Boxwood set from the.

Ref A A E BEC FB 1 CACC FF Ref B NYCEDGE111 Ref C 0 0 0 0 0 T0 0Z. Review of The Fierce Knight Chess Set from The Chess Store.

Category Chess Pieces Type Wood Model Fierce Knight Theme Staunton Wood Material Rosewood Boxwood Size Base.

Finely crafted knights with beautifully carved mane and mouth half Yugoslavia Staunton Chess Set With Ebony Boxwood Pieces 387 King. Choose from sizes. Ideal for a 1 inch 0 cm board.

Fierce Knight Staunton wood chess pieces British Staunton Chess Set Ebonized Boxwood Pieces With Macassar Ebony Chess Box 4 King.

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Excellent quality and graceful styling for an unbelievable price the new Fierce Knight Series Chessmen in sheesham.

And sets include spare queens.

Ref A A E BEC FB 1 CACC FF Ref B NYCEDGE111 Ref C 0 0 0 0 T0 0Z. Fierce Knight Staunton Chess Pieces are heavy weighted pieces perfect for fine game play. Pieces are heavily weighted have green felt pads and sets include spare queens.

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