Executive Plastic Chess Set with Black Ivory Pieces with Black Vinyl Roll up Chess Board $22.90 Our Executive Series Tournament Chess Set Package includes our Executive Plastic Chess Set with black and ivory pieces, Club Vinyl Rollup Chess Board, The Chess Store Deluxe Tournament Bag, and Scorebook. The Executive has an elegant design with handsome knights and pieces that are nicely weighted. The king is 3.75 tall and the set weighs in at 40 ounces making this a perfect set for club and tournament chess games. Our Deluxe Chess Bag is extra large and made from heavy duty, high quality canvas that is far superior to other bag materials. Our bag is better designed, more durable and simply looks sharper than any other chess bag. There are 2 zipper pockets inside for chess pieces, an extra large zipper pocket for a clock, a zipper pocket on the outside, Velcro straps to hold a rollup chess board, pockets for score books, pencil holders, and a clear window for inserting an ID tag. It's a beautiful bag with features and quality you won't find on other bags! Our Club Vinyl Rollup Chess Board has 2.25 squares and unrolls flatter than other cheaper boards and we include a scorebook too. This complete tournament chess set package is a tremendous value!Chess Pieces King Height 3.75 King Base 1.625 Chess Set Total Weight 40 Ounces Includes 2 extra queens for pawn promotion. Thick green felt pads real felt, not paper.Chess Bag Material Heavy canvas fabric with thick cushioning to protect items inside. Bag Dimensions 23 x 8 x 4 Chess Piece Pockets 2 5 x 5 x 3.3 Chess Clock Compartment 10 x 4.5 x 3 zippered and cushioned, plus large enough for a full size Chronos Chess Clock Large outside zipper pocket, 2 large inside pockets for books, sewn in pencil holders, inside ID tag.Chess Board Material Soft and flexible vinyl with cloth backing. Board Dimensions 19 x 19 x .050 thick Square Size 2.25Scorebook 50 game sheets for games up to 100 moves per player. Game summary on inside of cover. Algebraic and common shorthand notation chart.

Bags Executive Gifts Gift Vouchers chess chess store shop chess sets buy online. The Regency Chess Company Plastic Chess Sets Chess Pieces Chess Boards Chess. Chess House sells quality plastic chess pieces weighted chess sets for kids schools and. Released in 01 this models rook is updated and the plastic is more smooth. The pieces come in two separate clear plastic resealable Ziploc type bags one for the white pieces one for the white pieces one for the black pieces.

Executive Easy Carry Plastic Chess Set with black and pieces.

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Each package of Tournament Chess. Great design and feel All felt base.

Pieces have green paper felt on bottom. King weighted extra queens green felt pads Executive Carry All Plastic Chess Set Black Ivory Pieces With Black Roll Up Chess Board Bag. Executive Staunton II Chess Pieces Black and White Piece.

King with black vinyl roll up chess board bag.

With black pieces.

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