Bucephalus Staunton Chess Set in Padauk Boxwood with Molded Edge Padauk Chess Board $769.00 This stunning chess set includes our Bucephalus Staunton in padauk and boxwood matched with our Padauk and Bird's Eye Maple Molded Edge chess board. This set is named after the famous war horse Bucephalus, that Alexander the Great rode throughout his many military conquests in the middle east. Bucephalus is a Greek name meaning ox head, conjuring the image of a strong, broad and thick head. The knight was designed with this in mind creating a large but intricately detailed knight. Only the very best craftsmen can carve knights with this level of detail including eyes, nostrils, mouth, and teeth. What really stands out on this knight is the large and elegant mane flowing down the horses neck. All of the pieces are beautifully shaped with an elegant profile that forms a cohesive design from king to pawn. The lathe work is extraordinary with compound collars and eloquent lines precisely turned into the base of each piece. This is a large set with a king that is 4.5 tall with a 1.875 base. Pieces are heavily weighted and have thick green baize pads.Our Padauk and Bird's Eye Maple Molded Edge chess board is one of the most beautiful chess boards in our collection. The padauk is on the most beautiful woods in the world with orange burgundy colors and with this we contrast the bird's eye maple for the white squares. This board makes the perfect backdrop for the padauk and boxwood chess pieces. This is an inlaid chess board handcrafted by the skilled craftsmen of Rechapados Ferrer the quality of the workmanship is unsurpassed. The squares are 2.375 and the overall size of the board is 23.5 and .75 thick. Whether you are a collector or looking for your one special chess set, you will be thoroughly pleased with Bucephalus!Chess Set Padauk Boxwood Pieces individually hand polished with solid lacquer and buffing wheel King Height 4.5 King Base 1.875 King Weight 4.2 oz. Chess Set Weight 88 oz. 2 spare queens are included for pawn promotion Green Baize Cloth PadsChess Board Material Padauk Bird Eye Maple Veneers and Other Wood Material Finish Semi gloss Polyurethane soft satin finish Square Size 2.375 Dimensions 23.5 x 23.5 x .75 Made in Italy

Chess Games International Offering Wooden Brown And Dark Red CGI Staunton Chess Set In African Padauk Boxwood.

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Weighted Mid 1 th Century Staunton Series Chess Pieces in Ebony and Box Wood. We are giving two extra queens with this chess set.

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Padauk a dark red brown paired with light boxwood for a well contrasting medium size chess set. Specifications height base 1.

Shop for best hand crafted chess pieces made in pure wood Ebony Box wood.

Aug 1 01 Wooden Chess Pieces Should an individual plan to master wood Master Series Classroom Weighted Plastic Chess Set Black Tan Pieces With Blue Roll Up Chess Board Bag.

Bucephalus Staunton Chess Set with Padauk Boxwood Pieces.

Yugoslavia Staunton Decorative Chess Set With Burnt Boxwood Pieces 3875 King

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